The Amungme
TheAmungmeThe Amungme are a Melanesian group of about 13,000 people living in the highlands of Indonesia Province, Papua. They practice shifting agriculture, supplementing their livelihood by hunting and gathering. The Amungme are very tied to their ancestral Land and consider the surrounding mountains to be sacred.


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Irian Jaya

Papua also is often conceived of [by] Papua Barat (West Papua) because Papua can refer to entire/all island of Nugini the including neighbouring state east cleft, East New Guinea  or of Papua Nugini. Papua Barat (West Papua) is preferred mention [all] nationalists which wish cut loose Indonesian and form of government alone. This Provinsi is recognized with call of Irian Barat (West Papua) since year 1969 till 1973, name of was later;then changed became Irian Jaya by Soeharto at the (time) of opening copper mine and gold of Freeport, name which remain to be used officially till year 2002. name of Provinsi this is changed to become ‘ Papua‘ according to UU No 21 / 2001 Special Autonomy [of] Papua. [At] a period of/to Dutch colonial era, this area is referred [as] [by] Nugini Belanda ( Dutch New Guinea).

Word of Irian is Following Republic Of Indonesia of Anti-Netherland.

Word of Papua alone come from Malay Ianguage meaning curl hair, a picture relating [at] appearance of original terms physical.

 In the year 2004, accompanied by various protest, Papua divided to become two provinsi by government of Indonesia; part of east remain to wear name ‘ Papua‘ while the west shares of becoming Irian Jaya Barat (Glorious Irian [of] West).