The Maluku Islands (also known as the Moluccas, Moluccan Islands, the Spice Islands or simply Maluku) are an archipelago in Indonesia, and part of the larger Malay Archipelago. They are located on the Australian Plate, lying east of Sulawesi (Celebes), west of New Guinea, and north of Timor. The islands were also historically known as the “Spice Islands” by the Chinese and Europeans, but this term has also been applied to other islands.

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1. Tari Gantar
Dance depicting people movement  rice plant. Stick depict pounder wood while bamboo and also bulk in it depict rice seed and place of him.

This dance famous enough and is often presented in expectation of guest and other events. This dance don’t only recognized by tribe Dayak Tunjung but is also recognized by tribe Dayak Benuaq. This dance divisible in three version that is dance Gantar Rayatn, Gantar Busai and Gantar Senak/Gantar Kusak.

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The Dayak or Dyak  are the peoples indigenous to Borneo. It is a loose term for over 200 riverine and hill-dwelling ethnic subgroups, located principally in the interior of Borneo, each with its own dialect, customs, laws, territory and culture, although common distinguishing traits are readily identifiable. Dayaks are categorised as part of wider Austronesian-speaking populations in Asia.

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In most languages in the world, the term Kalimantan refers to the Indonesian portion of the island of Borneo,[1] while for Indonesians, the name “Kalimantan” usually refers to the whole island of Borneo.[1] The Indonesian territory makes up approximately 3-quarters of the island, and the non-Indonesian parts of Borneo are of Brunei and East Malaysia.

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Reog Ponorogo

Reog is one of the]artistry of culture coming from East Java part of and barat-laut of Ponorogo considered to be [by] town of Reog which in fact. Town spandrel of Ponorogo decorated by figure of Warok and of Gemblak, two figure which follow came up at the time of Reog demonstrated . Reog is one of the]cultural evidence of area in Indonesia which still very with things smelling strong spiritualism and mystique.





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Java Island

Java (Indonesian: Jawa) is an island of Indonesia and the site of its capital city, Jakarta. Once the centre of powerful Hindu kingdoms and the core of the colonial Dutch East Indies, Java now plays a dominant role in the economic and political life of Indonesia. Housing a population of 130 million in 2006[1], it is the most populous island in the world, ahead of Honshū, the main island of Japan. Java is also one of the most densely populated regions on Earth. Continue Reading »

Papua Province Museum
Papua Province Museum was founded in 1981-1983 designed in traditional architecture style of Papua. The museum’s collections consists a number of traditional equipment, means of livelihood, ceremonial items, art of object and musical instrument, historical and archeological relics, ceramic, coins and currency and various books/museum library.
It is in Wamena 17 km from Jayapura and can be reached by various kinds of vehicles.


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